Konza takes off with Kes.39 billion-infrastructure project commencement 

August 7 2018…The Kes.39 billion Konza Technopolis Phase 1 infrastructure project has officially commenced following the approval of the financing by the government of Kenya.

The government and UniCredit SpA of Italy signed a financing agreement on June 2017 to fund Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) horizontal infrastructure through Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Financing (EPCF) model to be carried out by the Impresa Construzioni Maltauro Group (ICM), one of Italy’s top players in the construction sector.

The horizontal infrastructure, to be completed by 2021 will involve the first 170-hectare phase of the project, with the urban development works to accommodate the initial building necessary to stimulate the subsequent phases of development, including the design and construction of Phase 1 roads, parks, subservices, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, an automatic waste collection system, and a few public buildings such as the police station and fire department.

Speaking during the commencement of works ceremony AlbertoLiberatoriCEO of the ICM Group,said: “Work is beginning on this important contract awarded to the ICM Group in Kenya. This project recognizes our expertise and confirms the value of the geographic diversification strategy in which the group has invested in recent years. We are proud to have played our part in insuring and facilitating this ambitious project, which has required solid, effective collaboration among all the parties involved,”

On his part Alessandro Decio, CEO of SACE said  “With our support, an Italian top contractor like ICM not only furthers its growth through international projection but also contributes to the socio-economic development of one of Africa’s most promising country with a projects that is advanced and of an the international level and definitely ground-breaking for Africa.”

Joe Mucheru, Cabinet Secretary ICT said that with the commencement of the infrastructure works, Konza is on the right path to position Kenya as knowledge based economy and a preferred Science Technology and innovation destination. This commencement puts Konza Technopolis on a take off status.

The Technopolis will accommodate over 200,000 residents, with the construction of residential and housing, offices, schools, an efficient, clean transport system, built to high standards of energy savings and sustainability, excellent architectural solutions, and advanced technologies. The smart city will also be an advanced technological hub with the construction of R&D centers and universities to serve the development of hi-tech projects.

EPCF is a contractual model where the successful bidder provides engineering design services, procures all major materials and equipment, serves as the general contractor, and does so under a financed arrangement.The Project is broken down into three (3) distinct categories (Lots). A description of each Lot is given below: 

Lot 1:The Lot comprises design, procurement, and construction and, financing of Phase 1 streetscapes, grading, drainage facilities, water distribution and treatment, sewage collection and treatment and, landscaping of streets and parks.Lot 2: comprises a complete electrical system including phase 1 electrical power lines, substations, transformers and other accessories.Lot 3Includes the design, procurement, construction & financing of the following public facilities among them 2500 m2 Solid Waste Handling Facility, 4400 m2 Police and Fire Station, Entrance and Security Feature and 3000 m2 Transit Hub