Grades one to three in Public Primary Schools enjoy innovative teaching and learning approaches of mathematics

More than 6 million pupils in Grades one to three in Public Primary Schools are enjoying from the innovative teaching and learning approaches of mathematics now in its fourth year of implementation.

Mathematics teachers in Primary School have seen tremendous improvement in the understanding of basic mathematical concepts, the Muranga South Sub-County Director of Education, Mrs. Edith Kariuki has said.

Mrs. Kariuki spoke this on the sidelines of the training of Teachers who teach Mathematics in grades one to three at Makuyu Community Education Hall in Muranga South Sub-County yesterday.

The 227 teachers are part of 100,000 teachers being trained in the teaching of Mathematics throughout the country. The training and the teaching is done under the auspices of the Kenya Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Primary Education Development (PRIEDE).

Mrs Kariuki said the new teaching methods the project had introduced had made learners have a better understanding of the basic mathematics concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and number patterns.

She said the new approach had reduced learner absence in school.

“Pupils now attend school more regularly than they have ever done,” Mrs. Kariuki noted, adding that it had led to improvement in performance on tests they are given.

Mr. Yusufu Musa, a teacher at Peter Kariuki Primary School in the area, said the Early Grade Mathematics (EGMA) had increased the interaction between the teacher and learner.

Mr. Musa said the methods recommended for teaching were more practical and interactive saying they were more flexible than the traditional ones they have been using before.

He said the improved teaching of mathematics had also improved the confidence of learners as the knowledge and skills they had gained helped them to learn other subjects with ease.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Nancy Mwangi, Joseph Kariuki and Susan Wambugu—all of whom teach early grade mathematics and have benefited from the training.

The Head of Early Grade Mathematics, Mrs. Hellen Borwet who inspected the two day training sessions in Muranga and Kiambu Counties said the learners had shown great improvement in their understanding of basic mathematical concepts.

“These concepts provide the foundation for learning in subsequent years of a child’s formal and life learning in later years,” she said.

The project, now it its fourth year, is funded Global Partnerships of Education (GPE),  is poised to spend some of USD 88.4million to improve the teaching and learning of Mathematics 6 million pupils in class  1 and 2 from January next year

The books have also benefited from textbooks which now stand at 1:1 textbook to pupil ratio in Mathematics in grade one to three.