West Pokot join the rest of the world in marking the 52nd International literacy day celebrations

West Pokot                                 Literacy Day                        8th September 2018

Residents of  West Pokot joined the rest of the world in marking the 52nd International literacy day celebrations, an annual event celebrated on the 8th of September. The celebrations organized by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the  Kenya Adult Learners Association (KALA) and the County Government was graced by the area Governor John Lonyangapuo and the Deputy Director  Adult and Continuing Education Edita Mugera in Sigor region of West Pokot.

In her remarks, the Deputy Director noted the goodwill and support received from the County Government which she said has seen the region register tremendous improvement in enrolment of Adult learners in the established centers. Ms Mugera stated that the County Government has enrolled over 200 instructors to help curb shortage of Adult instructors in view to reducing illiteracy levels in the region.“The biggest challenge we have in the Ministry is low staffing of instructors however, we are glad the County Government has provided support by recruiting additional instructors”. Statistics indicate that the illiteracy levels in West Pokot region stand at 68.2 percent with women being the majority while the literacy levels stand at 31.8 percent which is still low she said. Ms. Mugera observed the need to establish adequate model adult learning centers to address the issue of stigmatization.

West Pokot County Governor John Lonyangapuo said the County Government will continue to support the Government in ensuring that the illiteracy levels are addressed and reduced in the county. He encouraged more learners to enroll for the adult classes so as to improve their knowledge and enhance their living standards through acquiring skills that will enable them engage in productive incoming generating activities.

The celebrations were earlier preceded by a learner’s week organized by the Kenya Adult Learners Association (KALA) which comprised activities aimed at creating awareness and advocacy for the Adult literacy programmes. 11,800 learners who participated in the weeklong activity were sensitized and encouraged to invite more learners to join the program. KALA also plans to introduce local dialect digital learning equipment in the curriculum to improve ICT levels among the learners.

In his closing remarks at the learner’s week, the County Adult and Continuous learning Education Officer Hanson Omare regretted that illiteracy in the region had contributed to high levels of poverty therefore the locals were not willing to engage in long term income generating projects. He emphasized the need to allocate more resources so as to improve and increase the number of learning centers. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Literacy for skills development” with the main activity taking place in Wajir County.