Government asked to utilize the tax being remitted by wananchi

Wiper Democratic Movement Leader Hon Kalonzo Musyoka has today asked the Government to prudently utilize the tax being remitted by wananchi and strive to clip the ghost of corruption.

The Wiper Leader says every Kenyan desires to see our economy grow and thus integrity in the utilization of their taxes is absolutely necessary.

“I so William struggling so hard to explain about this new thing about taxes; then I thought the words of our lord and savior Jesus Christ if he was confronted with this question He will say give to Caesar what is Caesar’s; But citizens expect absolute integrity when it comes to dispensing” said Kalonzo.

The Wiper Boss who was in the company of Deputy President William Ruto challenged the church to be in the forefront in highlighting the ills that affect this country.

“Our Elders who aging gracefully like Bishop Ndingi who would stand up when there was trouble in this country with clashed and take a position; Church please take a stand” said Kalonzo.

Deputy President assured the church that Government is committed to working with them to transform this country.

On Development Matters, the deputy president promised Embakasi residents that in two weeks time, major roadwork will be launched in the area to increase accessibility.

“In another maybe two to three weeks, we will come here to launch the construction of Deveba road which connects Embakasi and industrial area, we already have the resources to do it, its part of what we need intend to do in Nairobi” said Ruto.

He said Eastland’s had been neglected for a long time and that they are doing a deliberate decision as Government to tamark approximately 120 km of road within Nairobi.

The two leaders were speaking today at the Consecration ceremony of General Superintendent of the Kenya assemblies of God – Rev. Bishop Philip Kitoto at the assemblies Chapel in Imara Daima.