Ebola Outbreak in Congo Not a Global Emergency, W.H.O. Says 

World health officials on Wednesday expressed deep concern over the spread of the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but concluded that it did not yet qualify as an international health emergency.

At least 139 people have died in the outbreak centered on North Kivu Province, which borders Uganda and Rwanda.

Combating the infectious and lethal disease in the region is complicated by sporadic fighting between government forces and armed militias and by attacks on medical workers.

The World Health Organization said last month that the risk of the disease spreading from Congo to its neighbors had risen from high to very high.

It cited the deterioration in security and said nine countries were at risk of infection. But the expert advisory committee that met Wednesday agreed that this “is not an outbreak of global importance,” the committee chairman, Dr. Robert Steffen, told reporters in Geneva.

The New York Times