Kass sports and entertainment emphasizes on the strength of Sports values, the freedom and the pride it creates to individuals. KASS Marathon is designed to nature talent from the over 5.2 million listeners across the country and the Diaspora. The Participants race and utilize the opportunity to showcase their potential of talent and focus on the activ- ity as an alternative option of spending their idle time putting it into meaningful use.

Through sports we utilize the hours of prime time that most of time is idle and major- ity of our listeners spent on activities that lead to moral decadence, like drug abuse, alcoholism and sex leading to high levels of HIV infections which are the realities of the world in which we live.

In KASS Sports and Entertainment we single out Marathon for it is the race that has a long history of pride and is praised as a modern-day race, in which most of the record holders have become heroes of the modern day and who live within the area of KASS listener ship.

KASS marathon

The above background of the sport gives KASS Sports the opportunity to organize mara- thon within the home of athletes. This is a unique event in which it draws together all the athletics heroes, and allows them to participate in an event that is of their own and homegrown.

3rd annual Kass Marathon is historic since its run between Kapsabet and Eldoret areas of high altitude and is one of the tough routes in a marathon race, hence attracting a large number of first timers, who come for this new exciting experience.

The Marathon is an incredible experience because you not only run in the land of re- nowned marathoners but also through the Great Rift Valley and you get a historical sight-seeing tour as well. The route takes you through the Mosoriot Teachers College, the Kapsabet, Eldoret Plains and finally the Eldoret town popularly known as the home of legendary runners.

The route certified and approved by Athletics Kenya and meeting International Athletics Association Federation standards is recognized as one of the four major marathon races in the country. The race starts in Chepterit the Junction to University of East Africa Ba- raton and wind its way through the Kapsabet Eldoret Road, all the way to Eldoret. It runs through areas of Eldoret town with highest population namely langas and racecourse.

The race is very competitive because majority of the athletics training camps are within this area, hence most participants will put effort to completing the race.

KASS sports mission

KASS sports and entertainment’s mission is to offer high quality, sporting activities, entertainment and merchandise in a professional way that meet the present and future client’s needs, in the current dynamic market.

Your Participation as a sponsor will offer your organization the opportunity for market and advertise as well as gain from the exposure to the KASS listeners where you see and interact with them.

Benefits of sponsoring the marathon

The KASS Marathon gives one the opportunity to showcase its products and have the endorsement of the same within the region of world marathon champions. Sponsorship options are designed to give businesses, organizations and individuals the best possible opportunity to be a part of KASS largest marathon and to support the many upcoming marathoners and the community they come from.

As a sponsor you may choose any single item or a combination of items that will suit your budget. Each is designed to give you excellent advertising exposure. All sponsors will also be listed on the KASS Fm web site.

The marathon will be run on the 6th of December 2009, KASS sports and entertainment hopes you will consider being one of our sponsors for the 2009 race.

There are several great reasons to be a KASS Marathon sponsor:

  • Gain a winning image by directly interacting with large numbers of listeners.
  • Participate in the continued growth of your products by reaching out to direct consumers.
  • Create pride in your organization by relating and getting endorsements by participants.
  • Receive maximum exposure for your company at minimal cost.
  • Build a community sense of togetherness along with other local organizations.
  • Share the excitement of shaping and supporting a popular and fastest growing event.
  • Set a standard of health, fitness and productivity for the Community.

The race is hosted by the KASS Sports and entertainment a subsidiary of KASS MEDIA. KASS Fm and KASS Tv will offer airtime to promote the sponsors products prior to the race and also live coverage during the race. We also work closely with our media partners both in print and television to cover the event which in turn will promote your products. Specifi- cally, live coverage will is also provided by KTN on the material day and all your products will be featured.

We also work closely with the Kapsabet County council, wareng County council and the Eldoret Municipality as well as the many volunteers to make this a successful community event, where you will have an opportunity to reach them all.