Over 100 University Students set for the Inaugural Huawei National ICT Exams

Nairobi, Thursday 8th November 2018… Over 100 Huawei ICT Programme beneficiaries are set to sit their final national exams tomorrow at Zetech College. The top six students from the national exam will be sent to South Africa to attend the regional competition. 
In July 2018, the world leading information and communications technologies (ICT) solutions provider Huawei launched Huawei ICT Competition Southern Africa 2018-2019 in Kenya. The competition aims to provide a platform for global ICT talents to: compete and communicate; promote high-quality ICT talent development; and drive the growth of a robust and sustainable ICT talent ecosystem.
Speaking ahead of the exams, Huawei’s Head of Public Affairs.   Mr. Adam Lane wished the students success, expressing confidence that the Kenyan beneficiaries are well positioned to compete at the global stage. 
“Our inaugural class is full of talented students and I am confident that as they start their national examination tomorrow they are well prepared to challenge their competitors from other Africa countries,” Mr. Adam Lane said. 
Six local universities including Strathmore University, Zetech University, Multimedia University, and Machakos University were involved in the competition’s roadshow with over 10,000 students signing up for the competition. 
In the preliminary stages of the competition the 4,000 students that registered were taken through a rigorous selection exercise, after which 600 students were accorded the opportunity to proceed for training. The number was reduced further to top 100 who were taken for a boot camp for further coaching. 
“For ICT training to be efficient, the trainers have to be equipped with the knowledge base to be able to successfully produce high quality professionals. It is for this reason that the Huawei ICT competition included training of trainers from the 13 universities that serve as Huawei ICT Academy whom we are confident will be able to effectively transfer the knowledge to their students,” Mr.  Lane added. 
With this competition, Huawei Technologies aims to improve the education system for ICT personnel training in Kenya and make continuous efforts to develop elites for ICT industry in addition the linking the partners. 
Upon the completion of the finals, Huawei Technologies will host an awards ceremony in Nairobi for the six best students; who will be sent to South Africa thereafter for the regional competition. If successful at the regional level, the six will get an opportunity to go to China for the global finals that will involve candidates from over 50 countries.