National Olympic Committee Governance Seminar Resolutions

The National Olympic of Kenya had a good governance and Team Building Workshop over the weekend at the Sagana Resort in Muranga

The Governance Seminar was contacted by the Center for Cooperate Governance and was geared towards instilling the right practice in the governance of NOCK matters.

Following the workshop, the National Olympic Committee Executive has resolved the following:

Engage a Financial Consultant to put in place Policies and Procedures involving all Financial matters of NOCK

Human Resource Consultants to put in place Human Resource Manual, Policies and Procedures for all Human Resource Associated issues including but not limited to the operations of the Executive Committee.

The Executive resolved further to expand the NOCK Secretariat and has provided for five additional positions to be created in order to professionalize the operations and provide improved services to the Affiliates and all the stakeholders of the Organization.

These positions will be in the areas of Finance, Administration, Projects and Communications.

This expansion of the Secretariat will be the issue phase of creating a Management Team which can on a daily basis run the affairs of NOCK in line with the International Standards.

Currently and in the past NOCK was run by Elected Officials but in line with the Operations structure we want to bring on board, the Executive Committee will engage predominantly with Board matters and leave the day to day activities to the team to be put together.

The Executive Committee is in the final stage of engaging the Human Resource firm which will put in place the actual Positions to be created, develop the Job Description and carry out the recruitment of the ideal candidates. This exercise is expected to be complete by mid – January 2019.

Further resolution from the Governance Seminar was that NOCK will be initiating process of coming up with a Strategic Plan. This process will incorporate views of wide section of the Kenyan stakeholders in order to come up with a very comprehensive and ideal strategic Plan which will be a product of input from all interest and critical parties to the running of Olympic Movement in the Country.

The Program towards getting the Strategic Plan is expected to take about 90 days and is scheduled to start in Mid-December.

The International Olympic Committee is desirous of this process and the President and Acting Secretary General will be discussing the matter further in the sidelines of Association of Olympic Committees General Meeting scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday this week in Tokyo, Japan.

The Governance Seminar in Murang’a was concluded with one day of Team Building. This was geared towards getting the Executive members and Staff geared up for the radical changes expected to be implemented towards ensuring NOCK turns around the management structure and becomes ready for preparations of the tight schedule of sports activities in 2019 and 2020 culminating in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.