President Kenyatta commissions 6th batch of military cadets after three-year training

LANET, 29 NOVEMBER 2018, (PSCU) — President Uhuru Kenyatta today commissioned the sixth batch of military cadets who have undergone three years of rigorous training as part of ongoing reform efforts to keep Kenya’s military on par with the best in the world.

Besides the professional military training which predominantly entails tactics and physical endurance required to survive in the battle field, the newly commissioned officers trained under the new curriculum which incorporates academic and character development studies leading to the award of a Bachelors degree in military and security studies. The degree course is administered by the Kenya Military Academy in partnership with Kenyatta University.

President Kenyatta said the training was revamped to respond to the complex nature of security challenges facing Kenya and the world, and is tailored to produce highly competent military officers not just for Kenya but for allied neighbouring countries as well.

“The programme entails three components. That is professional military training, academic training and character development,” said the President.

President Kenyatta praised the Kenya Military Academy, Lanet, for being one of the best military academies in the region and on the continent that has continously churned out outstanding military officers for Kenya, the region and Africa.

He said the discipline and respect inculcated at Lanet have seen the Kenya Defence Forces project the same nationally and internationally thereby earning recognition as a well disciplined force.

The President said the training at Lanet has always been evolving in line with operational needs of the KDF.

“The continuous review ensures that our military training is at per with other world class training institutions,” said the President.

He said the current training program is informed by the new challenges Kenya is facing including cross-border threats such as terrorism and other forms of trans-boundary criminal activities.

The Head of State reiterated that the KDF will continue their work in Somalia until the country returns to full normalcy.

“Our defence forces remain steadfast in their mission to bring peace and lasting stability in the horn of Africa region with unwavering zeal and determination. And in pursuance of this objective and that of the international community our troops will continue being part of AMISOM until such time that our objective has been achieved,” said the President.

He called on the new officers to keep the tradition of the Kenya Defence Forces of being among the best soldiers in the world.

“KDF has a track record for discipline and respect that is recognised nationally and internationally,” said the President.

He called on the new officers to be guided by the principles of good governance since they will be in charge of service personnel who will look up to them for guidance and fairness.

He said Kenya will continue shining on the international arena as long as its leaders embrace principles of good leadership.

As part of the commissioning ceremony, President Kenyatta awarded several officers who excelled in various fields.

The award for best Officer Cadet in Leadership was won by Alaro Ronald Ogutu while  Purity Chemutai Birgen was awarded for being the second best Officer Cadet in the same category.

The best Officer Cadet in Professional Studies was Simon Mutogo Kamau while Long’ole Edward was the second best. Maxwell Ndutu Simon emerged the third best.

The best Officer Cadet in Character Development  was Pius Mutua while Musisi Martin Ojuba got the award for Best Allied Officer Cadet in order of Merit.

The award for Best Officer Cadet in Academic Studies was won by Kevine Odikoh Saka.