Man hid in a fridge to escape the gunmen #RiversideAttack

One survivor of the attack on the Nairobi hotel complex hid in a fridge to escape the gunmen as they shot at officers workers.

Nelson, a driver, said: “I found my colleagues running everywhere. So I went to our offices, I hid myself in the fridge.

“Yeah, there was shooting inside. I didn’t see a gunman, but actually I saw a a dead person from the window.”

Serge Medic, the owner of a security company who raced to the scene to help civilians, saw a severed arm in the street.

Medic, who was armed, entered the building with a policeman and two soldiers, he said, but they came under fire and retreated.

He said: “The main door of the hotel was blown open and there was a human arm in the street severed from the shoulder.

“One man said he saw two armed men with scarves on their head and bandoliers of bullets.”