The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party joins the rest of the nation in condemning in the strongest terms possible the cowardly act of terror on innocent Kenyans and guests at the DusitD2 Hotel at the 14 Riverside Drive complex in Nairobi yesterday.

We mourn the death of 14 people who lost their lives at the hands of the criminals whose only intention was to cause fear and panic among Kenyans and our visitors from the outside world.

Tens of others are currently hospitalized nursing injuries. We pray for the families, friends and relatives of those who lost their lives and pray for God’s fortitude during this trying moment. To those in hospital, we wish them quick recovery.

More importantly, we wish to pay tribute to our security forces who quickly swung into action immediately the alarm was raised and worked round the clock to evacuated over 700 people from the complex. They are gallant men and women whom we must always appreciate for always standing up against any such threats.

We wish to remind fellow Kenyans that those nursing injuries in various hospitals in Nairobi as a result of the attack are our brothers and sisters. We need to care for them and assist where we can. Therefore we urge all Kenyans who can to heed calls for blood donation to help save lives of the injured. We thank our members of Parliament who have shown up at various hospitals to do this.

The ODM wishes to reiterate the need for tightened security in all installations, work and business premises for the safety of everyone. Citizens too must at all times be their brothers’ keeper and as the President said, report any suspicious characters to authorities for action to be taken.

We must remain vigilant and unite as a nation in the fight against such heinous acts.

As a party, we shall support any measures the government will propose to curb cases of insecurity that lead to loss of innocent lives, injuring and maiming of people and wanton destruction of property.