50% of Free Education Learning Funds have been disbursed to public schools

The government has disbursed 50% of Free Education Learning Funds to public schools through the National Education Management System (NEMIS), the Principal Secretary for Early Learning and Basic Education, Dr. Belio Kipsang has said.

Dr. Kipsang said the money constitutes kshs36 billions the government had reserved for the running of public primary and secondary Schools.

Dr. Kipsang said the Ministry admitted and ensured students into secondary schools and the National Hospital Insurance Fund, respectively through NEMIS, a digital platform for managing Education data including enrolment in schools.

The Principal Secretary said the disbursement through NEMIS of Free Education Learning Funds had improved accuracy, accountability and movement of funds against enrolment of learners in schools.

Last week, Dr. Kipsang said the government would allocate Shs.36billion to cater for the Free Primary and Free Day Secondary Education programmes

He said shs.30billion was for Free Day Secondary Education (FDSE) and Shs.6billion is for Free Primary Education (FPE).

He said the disbursement of FDSE funds would be transmitted through the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) unlike in the past when the Ministry relied on the information Principals of secondary schools provided.

Dr. Kipsang indicated that the Shs.30billion to 3,000 schools would take care of 2.6million students whose details had been captured on NEMIS.

He said some 500 schools had not provided student details on NEMIS.

Consequently, Dr. Kipsang said, the Ministry would not send capitation to 300, 000 students to the schools in question.

 Dr. Kipsang said the Ministry would not disburse capitation to students whose details schools had not put on NEMIS.

He however added that the Ministry will send the money to the affected schools  as soon as the management of the schools upload students’ details onto the system.