Government launches centralised Press Centre, Task Force to improve communication

The Ministry of ICT has launched a task force charged with finding ways to streamline the functions of information and public communication in public institutions.

The 15 member task force on the Improvement of Government Information and Public Communications was launched at Telposta Towers today by the Cabinet Secretary for ICT, Mr. Joe Mucheru.

The task force will review the existing legislation and policies on information and communication and advise on the need to align the function with the requirements of the constitution.

The task force will also, “identify and review gaps and inadequacies in staffing levels of public communication officers in Ministries, Departments, Agencies and County Information Offices that hinder effective articulation of government agenda,” said Mr. Mucheru.

Additionally, the Cabinet Secretary said, with evolving technology and mode of operation by the government, the task force is expected to give recommendations on how to revamp public communications and information departments in the government to respond to need for access to information by the public in a timely manner.

The Cabinet Secretary said the benefits of improved communication in government will facilitate the implementation of the BIG 4 Agenda and streamline government communication to enable it to speak with one voice.

The Chairman of the task force, Mr. David Makali said his team would work hard to ensure they met the expectations of the public and players in the media industry.

He called on support from the government through the provision of resources and other support services to ensure the success of the task force.

The Government media center was also launched during the occasion. The Centre will be a platform for various government entities to communicate to the Public on matters of socio-economic and political transformation and development as the Government endeavors to fulfill its pledges and promises to the citizenry.

This facility, with a sitting capacity of 45 journalists, has capabilities to record and distribute broadcasts. It also has Internet connectivity to ensure that journalists can file their stories directly from the center.

The Press Center, located at the media center, will be the engine room supporting the facility and all government communications officers spread out across the country.