IREN to Promote Tech and Innovation in the Lake Region Economic Bloc Counties

The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) has launched the IREN Technologies and Innovations Platform 2019 (ITIC 2019) to promote the best mix of technology and innovation to processes along the agribusiness value chains.

Innovators are expected to address the region’s challenges in value addition, energy, storage, logistics and marketing. The Lake region is known for fish, grain, vegetable, cash crop, dairy and livestock production.

The platform encourages participants to offer solutions that combine mechanization and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to challenges facing the region.

Individuals aged 18 years and above with at least Secondary School education and residing in the Lake region economic bloc counties as well as representatives from institutions and organizations based in the region are eligible to compete. 

IREN welcomes Institutions and established companies to participate in the final ITIP 2019 Trade Fair to be held later in November 2019. 

Participants will be taken through the processes of refining their ideas, developing blueprints, coming up with prototypes and ultimately pitching to potential partners and financiers on a competitive basis.

“IREN welcomes interested parties to join in offering an opportunity to participating innovators in the Lake region to showcase their scalable solutions to potential partners and investors in order to grow the region’s economy,” said James Shikwati, IREN Kenya, Founder and Director.

“We are proud to be associated with ITIP 2019 and its promise to connect scalable smart solutions to agribusiness value chains in the Lake Region Economic Bloc(LREB) in Kenya,” said Veni Swai, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Senior Programme Officer, East Africa,

Since 2014, IREN has managed agribusiness challenges in Sub Saharan Africa(Agribiz4Africa), the Young Innovators in Agribusiness (East Africa and Ethiopia), the East Africa Postharvest Technologies and the IREN Technologies and Innovations Challenge 2018.