AMECEA Dons commit to revitalize Catholic Identity in Catholic Universities

By Rose Achiego

Vice Chancellors and Principals of Catholic Universities and University Colleges within the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA) Countries, meeting at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), have made a commitment to revitalize Catholic identity in Catholic Universities and promote togetherness among institutions of higher learning in the region.

In a joint communiqué issued on 26th, Feb, 2019 after a two-day meeting, the Dons agreed to align the ideals and common values of Catholic Identity and AMECEA spirit (mission and vision) in all institutions, develop a common response to contemporary issues such as corruption, social justice, regional integration and family cohesion, among others. They resolved to work towards introducing Catholic common core courses in all institutions such as critical thinking and Catholic Social Teaching in addition to assessing and leveraging capacities and expertise in individual institutions aimed at creating synergy.

The Vice Chancellors and Principals also agreed to revitalize the role of Chaplaincy in line with modern day challenges in all Catholic Institutions by developing a common chaplaincy training curriculum and expanding the role of Chaplaincy to cover more holistic life skills.

They committed themselves to ensuring good governance and effective Christian leadership in their learning institutions by offering short term courses on leadership skills to key actors in the Church and social leadership which will include strategic management and leadership skills, prudent financial management, ethical leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

In addition, the Dons look forward to inculcating positive values in management of their institutions and also integrate ethics in their educational curriculum to ensure more holistic graduates who can in future positively impact the society. At the same time, they will work towards enhancing quality and collaboration of AMECEA Catholic Universities and University Colleges towards stronger institutions with bigger impact through joint research and supervision of thesis and research projects, credit transfer of students amongst AMECEA region universities staff sabbatical exchange within AMECEA region universities and joint Conferences amongst the institutions, especially in socio-economic development covering issues such as health, housing, security, education, culture, unemployment, human development, justice and peace and corruption, among others.

The communiqué was signed by Rev. Prof. Stephen Mbugua Ngari (CUEA), Rev. Dr. Cosmas Rhagot (Uzima University College, CUEA), Prof. Fulgens Linus Mbunda (Ruaha Catholic University College, Tanzania), Rev. Prof. George Julio Buleya (Malawi Catholic University), Dr. Patrick Chilambwe (Zambia Catholic University), Rev. Dr. Philip Kireti Mwenge (Catholic University, Tanzania), Dr. Br. Bruno Dada (Catholic University of South Sudan), Rev. Dr. John-Okoria Ibhakewanlan, SJ (Hekima University College, CUEA), Rev. Dr. Francis Verye, FMS (Marist University College, CUEA), Rev. Br. Tom Kearney C.F.C. (Tangaza University College, CUEA)