Jubilee Party members Cautioned to be wary of tactics employed by Opposition to scuttle their unity

Deputy President William Ruto has said Jubilee Party is intact but cautioned its members to be wary of tactics being employed by the Opposition to scuttle their unity.

Dr Ruto asked Jubilee leaders to be firm in supporting the party’s development agenda and not allow individuals to scuttle the party’s plan.

Speaking at the Tabaka Mission Hospital in Kisii County on Friday, the Deputy President said Jubilee would not allow some individuals to take advantage of the handshake to scuttle its development agenda for the country.

“We will not accept those who want to hijack our development agenda to achieve their own selfish interests,” said Dr Ruto.

He went on: “Some people are known for scuttling political parties but we want to tell them that they will not have time to scuttle the Jubilee party.”

Present were MPs Silvanus Osore (South Mugirango), Alfa Miruka (Bomachoge Chache), Zadock Ogutu (Bomachoge Borabu), Shadrack Mose (Kitutu Masaba) and deputy governor Joash Maangi.

He said it was wrong for some leaders to claim that they were uniting Kenyans while on the other hand, they were segregating others.

“Some people really don’t believe in the unity and building this country. They claim to be uniting Kenyans yet they are segregating others, “said Dr Ruto.

“We will not allow Jubilee Party to be scuttled by anyone. How can you purport to bring people together while on the other hand you are causing confusion and chaos? asked Dr Ruto.

He said the Government would continue to focus on its development and unity agenda for the country.

The leaders took issue with the manner in which corruption was being fought in the country, saying it was being done selectively.

They said the ongoing crusade against corruption was political targeting certain individuals ahead of 2022 elections.

Mr Osore said it was now clear that the war on corruption has been politicized to tarnish the image of some leaders ahead of the next election.

 “As much as we support the fight against corruption, it’s now becoming clear that the entire exercise has been politicized because it’s targeting individuals other than basing the fight on facts and evidence, ” said Osore.

He said the recent handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga has come up with a narrative that the Head of State ‘is a good man while the Deputy President is a bad man’.

“We voted for Jubilee leaders during the last election because of their ability to develop Kenya, but it is unfortunate for outsiders to take advantage of the handshake to cause confusion in government. The opposition is now saying Ruto is bad because of 2022 politics,,” said Osore

Mr Miruka said the fight against corruption should not target individuals or communities, saying it should be done in accordance with the law.

Mr Maangi cautioned leaders against politicizing the fight against corruption, saying such efforts were aimed at undermining the implementation of development projects.

“Let no one interfere wit the construction of dams in the name of fighting corruption. We want our Bonyunyu dam to continue uninterrupted among other dams across the country. Kenyans badly need water,” said Mr Maangi.

The MPs said they would rally behind the leadership of the Deputy President in 2022, saying he was development conscious leader.

“The Deputy President has toured many areas of this country to check on the progress on development projects as in the case of this hospital today. We want leaders who are committed to improving lives of Kenyans. Most leaders in this country just engage in rhetoric,” said Mr Ogutu.

Mr Osore and Mr Maangi said the Abagusii community will stand with him come the next general election.

“We want to assure the Deputy President that the Abagusii community appreciate what you are doing for them. We will not abandon you during your time of need. You have stood with us at all times and we want to tell you that we are standing with you because of your development agenda for Kenyans,” said Mr Osore.