Plan by the Opposition to impeach Deputy President William Ruto is alive

The plan by the Opposition to impeach Deputy President William Ruto is alive despite claims that it was false alarm, Jubilee leaders have claimed.

Speaking at St Martin De Porres Karuri church in Kiambu County and St Peters ACK Emakoko in Kajiado County, three Governors and a host of MPs said the intention was to kick Dr Ruto out of office, and thereafter, go for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

They claimed the Opposition’s leadership was now angry with Senator Aggrey Orengo over the premature leakage of the impeachment, which had the blessings of its top ranks.

Deputy President William Ruto attended the two church functions.

Others were Governors Ferdinand Waititu (Kiambu) and Moses Lenolkulal (Samburu). MPs MPs Josphat Kabeabea (Tigania East), Alice Wahome (Kandara), Jayne Kihara (Naivasha), Kimani Ichungwa (Kikuyu), June Jomo (Kiambu Town), Catherine Waruguru (Woman Rep, Laikipia), Peris Tobiko (Kajiado East), George Sunkuiya (kajiado West), Benjamin Washiali (Mumias East), Rindiki Mugambi (Buuri) ,Janet Teiya (Kajiado) and Didmus Barasa (Kimilili).

The leaders told those in the Opposition especially the ODM party that the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nasa leader Raila Odinga did not warrant them to cause wrangles in Jubilee.

Governor Lenku took issue with the manner in which some ODM MPs were behaving as if they are part of the Jubilee Party, yet ‘they remain our political competitors’.

“Those who did not vote for President Kenyatta and Jubilee Party are now telling us that the President is a good person. They should know that despite the handshake, they are in still in Opposition and are not associated to Jubilee in any way,” said Governor Lenku.

They said the handshake should not be misused to cause political discord in the country including coming up with an impeachment motion.

Mr Ichungwa said they know the progress of the impeachment of the Deputy President, and the Opposition should not pretend that it was just “a sensational media story”.

“But let them dare us; bring it on the floor of the House, then we will show you that Dr Ruto is a national leader with strong following,” said Ms Wahome.

The Kandara MP said the impeachment threats were noises from barking dogs that do not bite but have an ulterior aim of derailing the government’s development plans.

“Mr Orengo has no support in the National Assembly. His bid is doomed,” she added.

According to Mrs Waruguru, impeachment or no impeachment, Dr Ruto “has the country behind him because of his development track record”.

“It is the Kenyan voters who have the ultimate power to impeach the Deputy President if they deem it right; not some few, selfish people meeting at night in big hotels,” she said.

It is unfortunate, Mr Ichungwa explained, that the Opposition had been warmly received in the government through the ‘handshake’ but had failed to seize the opportunity to serve Kenyans.

“How else do you put it if it is not evil? We supported the handshake because it was informed to transform and unite Kenya. Sadly, it is turning out to be a demon destroying other past bridges,” said the Kikuyu MP.

Because of the turn it was taking of dividing the country, Mr Ole Lenku said it was time Kenyans withdrew their support from the union that had turned illicit to them.

But even with the criticisms against the Deputy President, Mr Waititu said the country will rally behind him in 2022 as he seeks to succeed President Kenyatta.

“We cannot allow the politics of betrayal that has been associated with Central Kenya to flourish. The narrative has to come to an end by Mt Kenya backing Dr Ruto in 2022,” he noted.

Mr Barasa and Mr Sunkuiya said Jubilee will not allow outsiders to wreck the Jubilee Paty simply because of the handshake.

“We all know the history of Raila Odinga in destroying political parties. I wonder why we should allow someone of this caliber to wreck our party from within. As a party we have to be careful with him ( Raila),” said Mr Sunkuiya.