Most Asked Questions About Biometric Registration


1. What is HudumaNamba?

HudumaNamba is a programme which was initiated through Executive Order No. 1 of 2018 to create and manage a central master population register which will be the authentic ‘source of truth’ of identity of all persons residing in Kenya.

2. Why HudumaNamba?

– To develop a national biometric population database of all persons in Kenya

– To assign a personal unique identification to facilitate access to government services

3. Why is the government undertaking the biometric registration process?

– To guard against impersonation and fraud

– To authenticate personal data

– To enhance access to government services

4. How is this exercise different other government registration processes?

– It will capture biometric data of all persons – both citizens and non-citizens from the age of six

– It will capture more information on an individual

– It will integrate personal identification data of individuals existing in several databases

5. What are the benefits of the exercise?

– It will facilitate easy access to government services such as universal health care, subsidised fertilizer, cash transfer, free education etc

6. Why is the registration being undertaken now?

– To facilitate attainment of Government’s Big 4 Agenda through the provision of Citizen Data to stakeholders who are charged with delivery of Food Security, Affordable Housing, Manufacturing, and Affordable Health Care for all.

– To assist the government in the provision of better services.

7. Is it mandatory for one to register?

– Yes it is. All must register

8. What are the consequences of failing to register?

– A person without HudumaNamba will not access government services including registration/renewal/replacement of National Identification Card,application for Passport,application/renewal for driving license/birth certificate,enrol for cash transfer for the elderly, subsidised farm inputs and other cash services under the Big 4 Agenda like affordable housing among others.

9. Who is eligible for registration?

– All citizens and (resident) foreign nationals in Kenya.

10. Where will the registration take place?

– Mobile registration centres, homes, and special institutions like prisons, hospitals, learning institutions etc.

11. What will be required for one to be registered?

– Physical presence

– Identification documents

12. How long will the (mass) registration exercise take?

– 45 Days

13. At what time of the day will the exercise be carried out?

– Between 6am and 6pm everyday including weekends and public holidays

14. Who will undertake the exercise?

– Registration officers (Assistant Chiefs) and Registration Assistants

15. Is this registration connected to 2022 elections?

– No

16. Is there a document that will be issued after registration?

– No

17. What are the consequences of giving false information to registration officials?

– A person who gives false information will be prosecuted under section 129(a) of the Penal Code. can be prosecuted under the relevant status.