Al-Shabaab now demand SH150M for Cuban doctors

By Fauxile Kibet

Suspected Al- Shabaab militants who are holding two Cuban doctors, who
were kidnapped at Mandera in Kenya, are now demanding SH150 million to
secure their release.

The demands were communicated through elders who had been engaging in
dialogue with the kidnappers with an intention of securing their

The Cuban doctors, Herera Corea and Landy Rodriguez are suspected to
be held in a remote area between Buale and El-Ade towns in Jubaland
region of Somalia.

Reports by the elders from Mandera and Bulahawo in Somalia who have
been negotiating for their release indicate that the two are alive,
and are offering treatment to the community in a restricted location.

“They seem to be under the care and offering medical care services to
the locals,” said a security official who spoke to journalists said,
quoting the elders.

However, no official communication from the Kenyan government
regarding the wellbeing of the two doctors has been released.

The abducted doctors are among 100 Cuban specialists who arrived in
the country in June 2018. They were abducted on their way to work from
home in Mandera County on April 12, 2018.