Kenya Airways CEO to resign end of the year

National Carrier Kenya Airways CEO Sebastian Mikosz has announced that he will resign come December 31, this year.

Mr Miskosz who also serves as the Group Managing Director said in a memo to the Kenya Airways staff that he will resign when the year ends on personal grounds.

“It is my personal decision and I have obviously discussed it with the board as well as my family. I believe that this is the ideal timing to begin a transition process to find someone who will continue with the turnaround initiatives that we began three years ago,” he said.

He however clarified that he would continue executing his role as CEO for the remaining 7 months.

He acknowledged that the news will come as a shock to the staff and the public noting that there was a risk that his resignation could be taken out of context.

“Nevertheless, I am fully aware that some of you might be surprised. I am also aware that in the next few days this news will be in the public domain taken out of context with many rumours and comments. Please don’t pay attention to these and please remember that this kind of change is part of a normal company life,” he emphasised.

He lauded the staff for their effort in narrowing the company loss from KS 25 billion in 2014 to 7.5 billion for the period ending December 2018. He pointed out that it was a clear sign that the airliner is on a path to recovery with the improvement trend having reduced the gap from the KS 9.4 billion loss announced in the year ending December 2017.

Miskosz also announced that he will travel to China to work on the launch of KQ’s direct Beijing flight after which he will attend IATA General Assembly as well as conduct a business review in Bangkok.