Telkom’s new bundles offer free night data, WhatsApp and calls

Nairobi, June 10, 2019… Telkom subscribers can now enjoy free data at night, free WhatsApp and free minutes for Telkom-to-Telkom calls when they sign up for the new daily data offering.

The bundles, which are valid for 24 hours from the time of signing up, are packaged as Daily 500MB and Daily 2GB, both of which are available on the 4G network. The Daily 500MB bundle comes with 500MB data, an extra 500MB for use between 12am and 6am, 60 free minutes and 50MB of free WhatsApp all at only KSh49. The Daily 2GB delivers 2GB of data, free 2GB night data, 60 free minutes and 50MB of free WhatsApp, all at KSh99.

Telkom CEO, Mugo Kibati, said that the new bundles have been innovatively designed to meet unique needs of customers, in line with the telco’s goal of building a holistic network that delivers value, fast speeds, capacity, quality and reliability.

“This is the reason we are innovatively delivering our propositions with offering such as these data bundles, while densifying our network across the country. This way, our customers can enjoy the most attractive bundles on our 4G network with fastest speeds, for unparalleled quality of service,” Mr. Kibati added.

To qualify for the bundles, Telkom subscribers must have a 4G-enabled SIM and 4G enabled device. In order to sign up, customers need to dial *544#. The bundles are on auto-renewal but customers have the option of canceling.

The new bundles follow the launch of the Telkom All-Network-Bundles, on which subscribers can make calls for as low as KSh1.50 cents per minute. The bundles, cost between KSh19 for a daily bundle and KSh 499 for a 30-day bundle.