Status of Seven Chinese Nationals Trading in Gikomba

Following a tip off from members of the public, foreigners suspected to have been illegally engaging in business in Kenya were arrested yesterday during a raid on Gikomba Market conducted by DCI and Immigration officials.

Upon further interrogation, seven (7) Chinese nationals were found to have vagrantly flouted immigration rules. Officers established that three of them had no valid work permits while the other four have been engaging in employment and other income generating activities unauthorized under their respective work permit classes. Consequently the Cabinet Secretary in charge of immigration has signed deportation orders as recommended by law.

The Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act 2011 makes it an offence for any foreigner to enter or remain in Kenya to temporarily engage in trade, prospecting, farming, business, professional employment, missionary activities without a permit of the relevant class as provided for under Section 36(1) and the seventh Schedule of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations, 2012.

We hereby reassure Kenyans that our current Work/Residence permit regime is the most advanced in the region, and we are fully committed to protecting the integrity of our country.

Kenya welcomes and values foreigners who invest, work and visit our country and will continue to support those who follow due diligence and adhere to our immigration and labour laws to the letter.