Police launch manhunt for illegal gun holders

Police Friday kicked off a manhunt for over 4000 gun owners who did not honor a seven-day ultimatum to surrender the weapons.

Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai said that the gun owners were now considered to be “armed and dangerous” and declared an operation to disarm them.

“There are some 4,293-gun owners who are deemed to be in illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. As such, the owners of these weapons will henceforth be treated as armed and dangerous criminals,” he in a statement.

The Inspector General added that the list containing their names has been circulated to all Regional Commanders to recover the firearms and make arrests.

“I have directed the Regional Commanders to begin recovering the firearms and make arrests with immediate effect,” he stated.

He added, “In exceptional cases where firearms holders are deceased, a family member(s) are directed to immediately surrender the firearms to the Firearms Licensing Bureau to the nearest police station within their home jurisdiction, within 24 hours.”

On June 28 Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi had stated that 4,407 firearm holders were required to seek certificates, failure to which they will be considered criminals for holding unlicensed guns.

By KASS Online Team