County officials directed to carry out meat inspections in all supermarkets

By KASS Online Team

The Ministry of Health has asked all County Public Health officials to inspect meat in all supermarkets so as to determine if they contain harmful substances.

This came following an expose by a local TV station which showed shocking revelations on how certain supermarkets were using chemicals to extend the shelf-life of meat – which could be harmful to consumers.

The revelations sparked wide debate and panic among Kenyans, prompting the ministry to put on notice food outlets to ensure they uphold high food safety standards.

In a statement to newsrooms, Director General for Health Wekesa Masabi directed counties to prioritize implementation of public health measure to ensure safety for all.

“County Public Health departments are directed to heighten surveillance in all supermarkets, butcheries, meat processors and other food business, operators. In addition to these measures they are directed to firmly enforce the existing laws,” he stated.

The ministry said it had collected samples from various outlets for analysis.

The ministry, however, clarified that the chemical Sodium Metabisulfite is a food additive permitted for use in specified food categories.
But on Monday, the Kenya veterinary association has urged the government to outlaw the use of chemical preservatives on unprocessed meat, due to lack of clear guidelines and control.

The association said lack of clear guidelines had made it more likely for outlets selling meat to exceed the Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) thus rendering the meat unfit for human consumption.