Maraga gives Government and Governors a week to resolve revenue stalemate

By KASS Online

Governors and the Government has been asked to hold dialogue so as to resolve the stalemate over the division of revenue.

Chief Justice David Maraga on Tuesday said that the Supreme Court is reluctant to hear the case saying that the court will only hear the case if it’s the only available option.

“We are reluctant to hear this case since it is a legislative process. But we will hear it if we must,” said Maraga.
Maraga gave the two sides until Wednesday next week to try and unlock the stalemate failure to which the matter proceeds to hearing.

“I urge parties to negotiate an amicable settlement on the impeding issues”.

The Council of Governors moved to the Supreme Court last week after the two Houses (Parliament and Senate) failed to reach a settlement on the allocation due to counties.

The National Assembly approved a Sh316 billion allocation against a proposal for Sh335 billion by the Controller of Budget, a figure that was adopted by the Senate and GoG.