DP calls for efforts to improve access to education in the country


Deputy President William Ruto has called for the expansion of existing schools instead of establishing new ones as part of the efforts to ensuring 100 percent primary to secondary transition.

Dr Ruto said due to lack of space for the establishment of more schools, there was need to expand and equip the existing ones in order to attain the 100 percent transition from primary to secondary school in the country.

Speaking at the Moi Girls High School, Kibra in Nairobi after opening a new 580-bed dormitory for the institution, the Deputy President said the Government recognizes the vital role played by education in the country’s development and transformation of the lives of its citizens.

“Because of lack of space for the establishment of new learning institutions, there is need to expand and equip the existing institutions to cater for the increasing number of school going children. In fact this school can accommodate 300 more students if expansion is done,” said Dr Ruto.

He went on: “We are committing enormous resources for education of all children in all parts of the country irrespective of their status.”

Noting that education remains the equalizer of all in the society, the Deputy President said the Government would continue to take education of its citizens seriously.

“Education is the single greatest empowerment that society can give to children. It is against the law for school going children not to be in school,” said the Deputy President.

He said it is through education that young people can be recognized as the best agents for change because they place a greater hope in their power to shape the country’s future.

Dr Ruto said it was because of education that Kenyans who were working abroad have this year transmitted more than Sh 300 billion to the country, becoming the greatest exchange earner compared to tea, coffee and horticulture.