Eleven villages in Baringo North mark open defecation free day

As a way of eradicating diseases caused by poor sanitation, Afya Uzazi in partnership with the department of health Baringo county has started a drive to ensure that there is zero open defecation in the community.

This has resulted in a total of eleven villages celebrating open defecation free day at Kasisit in Baringo North during an event which was graced by locals, County health team and Afya Uzazi officials.

Boniface Markt Supervisor USAID implementor said that hygiene has been known to prevent and reduce the rate of infections.

He added that the importance of having a latrine will contribute in a big way the reduction of diseases in the community.

“People need to understand the importance of disposing their fecal matter instead of defecating in the open air which will lead to infections which could have been prevented”, he said.

He revealed that all homesteads found in the 11 villages have pit latrines, something which should be celebrated as a major milestone.

At the same time, he added that hand washing should be a primary thing, especially in homesteads.

“One of the top three diseases that contribute to high mortality rate in our country is diarrhea which is caused by lack of proper sanitation, and if we will not do anything to tame it then we will be losing our generation” noted Mr. Maket.

Baringo County Chief officer of public health Dr. Winnie Bore said that statistics have shown that in places where people have used toilets there are low infection of diseases.

“Even as we are preparing for universal health care then we should concentrate more on prevention since treating is more costly,” she said.

Health CEC Mary Panga said that her department is working closely with partners to see to it that the open defecation is eradicated in the county as a way of preventing diseases, especially among children.

Baringo County First Lady Ivy Kiptis urged locals to embrace handwashing as a culture and make sure that they clean their hands anytime they use the toilet.

The celebrations included performances from pupils and women who dramatized about the importance of using a toilet.

The 11 villages are Kabiyewo, Endip, Bartakok, Kapraste, Sogom, Mogoi, Kasesya, Kibiros, Biriekwonin, Suswechun and Lebesain.