Government announces new measures to cut expenditure

The Government has announced new measures it says are aimed at cutting expenditure and taming misuse of public funds.

Acting Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatan on Thursday announced a raft of measures including restrictions barring officials from using government vehicles after stipulated hours and weekends.

Yatan further restricted luxurious expenditure in what he said was meant to save public funds and instead focus on delivering the President’s Big 4 agenda.
“Any officer receiving commuter allowance and continues to use government transport beyond official working hours is liable for surcharge. The government check unit is reminded to impound vehicles being used outside official hours without necessary authority and surcharge drivers and officers found to contravene this directive,” Yatani said in a statement.

He further warned government ministries against holding trainings in private establishments, and instead, use government-owned ones like the Kenya School of Monetary Studies or the Kenya School of Government in Nairobi among others.

Other measures include restriction of foreign trips which he said were likely to be abused by public officials.