Viva Global taps into growing millennial middle class to expand the wine business

Leading alcoholic beverage importer & distributor, Viva Global recently expanded its wine portfolio by adding wines from DGB (Pty) Ltd from South Africa, who are one of the largest independent wine and spirit producers and distributors.

According to Mr. Rupen Samani, CEO of Viva Global Ltd, ‘’there has been a recent increase in awareness of wine in the country’s growing middle class. It’s now very normal to see a bottle of wine on a restaurant dinner table and to find a few bottles of wine in houses along with the beers and whisky bottles, New World wines are generally easier to understand than Old World wines and also easier to drink for the first time wine consumer, that is why our portfolio is predominantly New world’.

As a result, there is higher demand of luxury products. “It is especially true regarding the growing fine wines and spirits demand. Also with the rise of various new cuisines and restaurants coming up in Nairobi, the middle class are definitely consuming more wines in the region,” says Ms. Karia.

At the same time, Ms. Karia says that the emergence of Westernized lifestyles will continue to transform the ways in which people shop, live, enjoy leisure and entertainment, therefore, boosting a demand for wine.

In addition, the expansion of modern shopping malls in most urban areas in Kenya is set to improve awareness of premium brands that includes wines.

On the other hand, Viva Global has also seen an increased interest in wine intake by Kenyan millennials.

“There is a great interest seen among young Kenyans enjoying wines with their meals, growing participation in enjoying wines ‘’ says Ms. Karia.

Furthermore, food and wine pairing principles coming into place in many new restaurants and hotels has made Kenyans to enjoy the new wine trends.

Meanwhile, the most affordable wine in Viva Global’s portfolio is a Chilean wine called Frontera, which is well known and popular in Kenya. The most expensive wine in their selection is Penfolds BIN 389 from Australia.

Viva Global has wine partners from Chile, Argentina, California, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. “We will also be importing wines from France and Italy soon,” says Ms. Karia.

As the wine and spirit, retail business continues to grow frequent changes to laws and regulations pertaining to the alcohol industry affects the business negatively from time to time.

Established in Kenya in the year 1999, Viva began with distribution of wines from Spain. Viva was one of the pioneers in introducing the wines culture to the Kenyan market.

Within a few years, Viva established itself as one of the largest companies representing various winemakers from around the world in the wine industry. The professional business structure and commitment towards building brands brought great success to the company. With the growing hospitality and retail trade, we the company has strengthened its distributorship portfolio in the region to satisfy the needs of its customers.

Today, Viva Global is established in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, and also working with Sub distributors and distributor, hence the expansion of the wine business is on the rise to create a range of products available to suit the market needs.