EACC welcomes church move to restrict donations from politicians

EACC Chief Executive Officer Twalib Mbarak.
The Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission has agreed with the Catholic Church’s decision to ban huge sums of cash donations during fundraising events in churches.

In a statement sent to newsrooms Sunday, the anti-graft body said that the directive by churches insisting on electronic transfers will enhance transparency and accountability in the handling of all financial donations to the church.

The Commission’s Chief Executive Officer Twalib Mbarak urged other religious organizations to adopt a similar stance, saying it will reverse the trend of corrupt individuals using religious places to channel their ill-gotten wealth to advance their political interests.

“The Commission will continue to partner with willing stakeholders and all like-minded Kenyans in the fight against corruption,” he said in a statement.

The Catholic Bishops committed to lead the country in a campaign against graft, whose effects continue to be felt across the country, with billions of taxes stolen from the public coffers.

“We wish to lead the country and every person of goodwill, to commit himself or herself before God, to fight corruption from the grassroots, up to the highest offices,” EACC said.

Some of the measures adopted by the Catholic church to curb graft include the transfer of donations directly to church accounts through mobile money transfer or a cheque.