Kenya, Somalia in new row

Somalia has launched yet another protest against Kenya after an aircraft flew directly from Nairobi to Kisimayu instead of first making a stop at Mogadishu.

Somalia’s Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) filed a complaint against Kenya to the UN agency International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO).

In September, Somalia directed that all civilian aircraft to first stop in the capital Mogadishu before proceeding to Kismayu. This came after Kenya endorsed the election of Jubaland president Ahmed Madobe.

The Federal Government of Somalia under President Mohamed Farmaajo had imposed direct flight restrictions to Kismayu to stop the inauguration ceremony, which Mogadishu said it did not recognize. But Jubbaland argues there is no legal basis to interfere with elections in a federal state.

Somali’s airspace had been controlled from Nairobi from 1994 to 2016 when some services were later relocated to Mogadishu. However, due to a shortage of personnel, some operations are still run from Nairobi where Somalia’s engineers are trained.

The latest protest comes amidst the ongoing dispute over the maritime border dispute which is before the UN’s International Court of Justice.