Aukot calls on politicians to stop misleading Kenyans over Punguza Mzigo bill

The Third Way Alliance Party leaders Dr. Ekuru Aukot has urged all Kenyans to read through the Punguza Mizigo Bill which is at its public participation stage objectively for them to realise its intended good.

Speaking in Meru during his meeting with the Meru County Assembly members, Dr. Aukot lashed at those whom he accused of misleading Kenyans by saying there were other bills asking for the change of the constitution.

He argued that as per the constitution there is only one bill that has gone through the due process of the law calling even the media to conduct research on the constitutional change process saying there are two ways of conducting to the process which is popular initiative and through parliament.

Aukot said BBI and Ugatuzi Initiative being talked about had not been presented anywhere hence the only referendum bill is Punguza Mizigo.

He called on leaders to desist from misleading members of the public telling them to reject without having understood the contents of the bill.

He mentioned that his team was getting complaints from some areas that some leaders were asking leading questions during the ongoing public participation forums.

He lauded the Punguza Mizigo Bill saying if it goes through then the country is set to benefit exorbitantly noting that there has been a lot of wastage of public resources through graft.

“We have received information that some people are asking members of the public leading questions that are negative in nature to try to get the impression that the public has rejected the bill. They are not allowing members of the public to give their own views,” said Aukot.

He urged leaders to impartial when looking into the bill so as to analyse its merits or demits to help make informed decisions that they can either approve or reject it instead of negatively influencers others negatively