Police launch manhunt for suspect in Garissa IED attack

Police have launched a manhunt for an Al-Shabaab militant believed to have carried out an attack that killed 10 General Service Unit (GSU) officers in Garissa County on October 12th.

Abdullahi Banati, police say, led a team of assailants that planted the Improvised Explosive Devices(IED) causing the death of the officers stationed at the Harhar GSU camp.

Police add that Banati planned the attack alongside Al-Shabaab operatives based in the Daadab camp which has been associated with several other terrorist attacks.

Investigations reveal that Banati and his team operate along the Kenya-Somali border and have been executing attacks, not just against the public but against the security forces.

“Police have traced the activities of Banati and his team of militants to the border and it is suspected that he escaped to Somalia with the rest of the operatives,” said police in a statement.