Alarm over rising cases of carjacking along Nairobi-Nakuru highway

Drivers of Public Service Vehicles (PSV) plying the Nairobi-Nakuru highway have been put on notice following an increase in cases of carjacking mainly during the festive season.

Security officers have warned public service vehicle drivers that they will be the first suspects to be arrested if any vehicle was carjacked along the busy road.
Round the festive season cases of carjacking along sections of the highway have become the norm with passengers losing their personal effects to thugs posing as passengers.

This emerged during a meeting between members of Naivasha Travelers (NT) Sacco, security personnel and NTSA officials in Naivasha.

Addressing the matatu operators, Naivasha OCS Alexander Korir said that cases of carjacking always rose ahead of the festive season mainly targeting passengers.

He noted that they had mapped out areas where the carjackers were attacking adding drivers should not drop passengers especially at night at the spots but instead at shopping centers or petrol stations.

“We have seen cases where passengers alight from matatus late at night only for waiting carjackers to pounce and if this happens then the drivers will be the first suspects,” he said.

Korir added that police were keen to work with matatu operators to reduce cases of accidents which were mainly caused by speeding and drink-driving.

On his part, the chairman of the Naivasha Travelers Sacco Daniel Kimani said that the meeting was meant to enlighten the operators on the traffic rules.

He said that they were keen to stop cases of accidents and carjacking which always shot up before and during the festive season.

“We have decided to stop all our operations today so that our drivers can interact with police and NTSA officers in addressing how we can improve our use of the roads,” he said.

Naivasha Traffic Base Commander Rose Ndolo noted that they were keen to address the issue of drink-driving which was common on the highway.

She noted that majority of fatal road accidents in the country could be avoided if drivers adhered to traffic rules and regulations.

“We are ready to work with matatu operators so that we can fight road accidents in the country as we head to the festive season,” she said.

NTSA road safety officer Chris Otieno noted with concern over an emergence of fake speedometers in the market.

“We are working with Safaricom so that we can know the real-time speed from a PSV’s as many drivers are tampering with the speedometer,” he said.