Senator Wako challenges US to make public corruption claims

Busia Senator and former attorney general Amos Wako has asked the United States to disclose details of corruption allegations against him following a travel ban issued against him.

The Senator also said that his wife Flora and Son Julius who were also affected by the travel ban had nothing to do with the allegations and should be left out.

“I am a man of integrity because I have never been involved in any form of corruption. I am wondering why they are targeting them unfairly,” he told journalists in Nairobi Wednesday.

Mr. Wako’s comments came a day after the US issued a travel ban against him two members of his family.

Wako further questioned why the US issued the same travel ban placed ten years ago, without giving more details on the corruption allegations they relied on.

“When the US issued a travel ban against me in 2009, I instructed my attorney to write to them to demand this information and it was not forthcoming,” he said, “I still demand to know because I have never been implicated in corruption or prosecuted of the same.”