NHIF cuts number of dependents in its latest review

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Board has said it has reviewed the number of dependent children to five from the initial 10 but retains the number of eligible spouses to one.

The resolution which was arrived at mid-December, however, allows for additional dependents upon payment of additional premiums which will be communicated in later dates.

Also, the public health insurer has instructed its Managers and Senior Registration and Compliance Officers that if a member defaults on payment for 12 consecutive months, the membership would be revoked and they would have to start payments afresh.

“In case of default for 12 months and above, the affected member will start payment afresh and be eligible for benefits after 90 days from the date of resumption of payment in addition to a one year upfront payment, payable within the waiting period while observing due dates,” said the NHIF statement.