Security teams conduct counter-terrorism and security talks in Kilifi

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), National Police Service (NPS), National Intelligence Service (NIS) and National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC) held a counter-terrorism and a security awareness talk at Mambrui Educational Hall in Kilifi County.

Over 600 youths from various sub counties within Magarini Constituency attended the event and were enlightened on the roles and responsibilities of various security agencies in ensuring peace and stability to help build their confidence towards nationhood and patriotism.

The event sought to inculcate an understanding that security agencies and the community are one family in the fight against radical thinking.

The region has been characterized with radical extremism and such talks aim at bridging the gap that has previously been hijacked by the extremists to spread their ideology among locals.

The multi-agency team cautioned the youth against extremist groups such as Al- Shabaab and encouraged them to work with their leaders in security and developmental projects in the region further urging them to be vigilant of information they receive from friends either verbally or through mobile phones.

The awareness talk touched on cyber security, highlighting the platform’s notorious avenues for recruitment and radicalization, and advising the youth to be watchful when interacting online.

The program is targeting youths in vulnerable institutions through delivery of lectures on good citizenry, patriotism and misconception of jihad among others to enable them reclaim their place in society and help the agencies fight the problem as a team and had positive reception in the region.