Bamburi launches masonry cement ‘Fundi’ to complement the efforts of plaster and mortar works

Bamburi Cement Limited has launched a new product to the market called “Fundi”.

Speaking during the launch, Bamburi Cement Chief Executive Officer Seddiq Hassani said the Company’s key priority and focus has been to offer innovative end user products and services to meet more specific and unique construction needs. “Our contribution as a company has been to help reduce complexity in the building process, especially for the home builder, by providing application based products that are easy to understand, chose and use”.

Fundi is formulated with enhanced capabilities for masonry and plaster works. It is an application-based cement that can be used in brick and block laying, plastering, rendering, screed and repair works.

Hassani, further said that Fundi, similar to other Bamburi products, will be manufactured under stringent processes to deliver in line with best practices and offer innovative solution that will deliver enhanced value to customers.

“In developing Fundi Cement, besides affordability, our key consideration is quality and technical attributes for specific use by our customers. Fundi Cement is therefore the coming together of the best technological innovation and highest product quality to deliver a product that is in tandem with market and consumer needs. We have a unique understanding of the needs of the cement users and that is why we take the lead in providing real solutions that deliver more technical and economic benefits,” he stated.

Hassani further noted the launch of Fundi demonstrates Bamburi’s commitment to maintaining leadership by offering innovative end user products to meet more specific and unique construction needs. Bamburi Cement has been offering application-based cement products for the last 15 years.

In addition to this new product, Bamburi Cement announced a new look and feel of their existing cement product including Nguvu, Tembo and Powermax in a bid to better communicate each brands value proposition (applications and benefits) with a standardization in ‘look and feel’ for all Bamburi Cement brands.

The newly launched affordable Fundi cement comes at a time the Kenya government is stepping up its affordable housing agenda that seeks to achieve the target of 500,000 affordable houses by 2022.