DP says BBI has hijacked Development agenda

Deputy President William Ruto has said politicians have hijacked the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to derail development agenda.

He said it was now evident that some leaders were using BBI to derail the Jubilee’s development agenda to achieve their selfish ends.

Speaking at Eshiunya Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), Kwisero in Kakamega County during the Sunday service, the Deputy President cautioned leaders against dividing Kenyans through BBI.

“The biggest challenge facing the country is not the greed by few politicians seeking positions but the challenge of finding employment for millions of young people,” said Dr Ruto.

He said debate surrounding the BBI should be about the welfare of millions of Kenyans and not few individuals looking for power.

“The debate about BBI should not be for few people but for all Kenyans if the original intention of the initiative of uniting the country has to be realized,” said Dr Ruto.

He was accompanied by MPs Benjamin Washiali (Mumias East), Dan Wanyama (Webuye West), Didmus Barasa (Kimilili), Malulu Injendi (Malava), Charles Gimose (Hamisi), Enock Kibunguchi (Likuyani), Mwambu Mabonga (Bumula) and former Kakamega senator Bonny Khalwale.

The Deputy President said all leaders in the country have agreed to support BBI recommendations but wondered what the ‘drama was all about’.

Dr Ruto, at the same time, assured Kenyans that the Government would continue to serve them equally irrespective of how they voted during the last general election.

He said no part of the country would be discriminated upon on the basis of political or tribal affiliations on matters of development.

Dr Ruto said the Government has connected 70,000 households in Kakamega County up from 27,000 in 2013, adding that Sh 2.7 billion would be used to connect another 50,000 households under the last mile connectivity program.

“This is Government of all Kenyans. You people of Kwisero have a right to demand to be served like everyone else,” said Dr Ruto.

He also said Kenya would continue to be a God fearing nation despite calls by some leaders to limit church offerings.

The Deputy President said Kenya fundamentally worships God and will not change.

“I want to say, without fear or contradiction that Kenya shall be a God fearing nation. A nation of prayer and can’t be that of reggae,” said Dr Ruto.

The MPs said there was no sincerity in the ongoing debate about the BBI, adding that the whole process has been hijacked to benefit few people and not ordinary Kenyans ahead of 2022 elections.

They said they expected BBI to address problems facing the region especially the sugarcane and maize sector.

“As people of Western Kenya, we expected BBI to address challenges like how we can revive the sugar sector but not to create positions for few people as we can now witness in the ongoing rallies,” said Mr Kibunguchi.

Mr Barasa said it was wrong to subject Kenyans to unnecessary rallies yet BBI outcome was in the public domain.

“The truth is that BBI is meant to benefit a few people instead of the 47 million Kenyans,” said Mr Barasa.

Mr Khalwale said the aim of BBI was to create positions for a few clique.

Mr Mabonga wondered why resources were being used to fund the BBI yet all Kenyans have agreed to support it.

The legislators said former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was known for destroying bridges whenever he embraced a coalition with any political outfit.

“Everywhere Raila Odinga goes, he destroys bridges. This is why we ask Christians to pray for our president to come to terms to the fact that the Opposition leader is now destroying bridges,” said Mr Injendi.

Mr Wanyama and Mr Washiali told the people of Western not to expect anything good from BBI especially on matters affecting farmers.

“But as Christians, when they say, nobody can stop reggae, we say nobody will stop us from bringing offerings to church,” said Mr Wanyama.

Amani National Congress (ANC) chairman Julius Arunga criticized the manner in which BBi rallies were being conducted, saying they were polarizing the country.

“After the Bomas launch of BBI, we were told copies would be made and distributed for Kenyans to read. Up to date no copies have been given to the people at the grassroots. This process is just a scam,” said Mr Arunga.