51 Tanzanian drivers denied entry to Kenya after testing positive to COVID-19

The Ministry of health has denied entry to Kenya 53 truck drivers after testing positive to COVID-19.

Health Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman on Monday confirmed that 51 of the drivers were of Tanzanian origin and two were Burindians who were all referred back to Tanzanian authorities.

“There are 53 truck drivers who were tested and were positive at the various points of entry on the Kenya-Tanzania border, all were referred back to Tanzania,” Aman said.

The CAS noted with concern the increasing number of detected infections among Tanzanian truckers saying the government will not relax regulations on mandatory testing of truck drivers before they are allowed into the country.

“There is some level of threat from the Tanzanian side in terms of the number of people who are turning positive and therefore we make sure we keep testing and we keep out those who turn out positive,” he added.

The government has already closed the Kenya-Tanzania border to all passenger traffic in a bid to avert a spike in COVID-19 infections.