Wiper party agrees on a post election pact with Jubilee

The Wiper Democratic Party led by former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has resolved to support the post-election pact between KANU and Jubilee parties.

In a statement by party mandated Chairman Chirau Mawere and Secretary-General Judith Sinjey to sign an agreement with the Jubilee party.

The decision was reached during a virtual meeting on Friday, with more than 50 National Executive Committee members unanimously backing an immediate implementation of the Cooperation Agreement.

The NEC also resolved that a National Delegates Conference shall be called in the near future to endorse the formation of a Coalition between Wiper Party, Jubilee and KANU.
Kalonzo said that his co-operation with Jubilee Party will seek to address challenges beyond the current administration.

“This Cooperation Agreement does not breach our agreements under the NASA Coalition,” Musyoka reiterated to the NEC members.