Tuju warns of tough actions on “disloyal” party members

Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju has said the party expects “100 percent fidelity” from its members and that any act of betrayal will not be tolerated.

Speaking during a press briefing on Tuesday, Tuju said the party will show no mercy in taking action against Members of Parliament who are not loyal to the party.

“We will deal with those errant members. When it is Members of Parliament we expect 100% fidelity to the contract they signed with the party. And we do have those contracts available for any inspection,” he said.

He said the now disloyal members rode on the party to clinch their seats and now they are changing against the party.

“We are going to be not very merciful when it comes to discipline in the party. We have been very generous to our members some even using, without authority, the stationery of the party and expecting that we are going to allow such kind of disfunction,” he said.