Sossion wants national exams pushed to 2021

KNUT SECRETARY General Wilson Sossion asks the government to consider pushing the national examinations to next year following the disruption of learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking in Nairobi, Sossion said that the government should first focus on fighting the virus before thinking of re-opening learning institutions saying that the lives of teachers and learners should be prioritized in the decision-making process.

“We would rather have all our children staying at home, safe and alive, and repeating a year rather than sending them to school to die. The world will not come to an end if we suspend certain matters,” said Sossion.

He added that a majority of the country’s teachers are above 50 years of age hence have a higher risk of contracting Covid-19 if exposed, in the slightest manner, to the disease.