MOH to review COVID-19 testing guidelines

Source Xinhua

Kenya’s Ministry of Health on Tuesday announced plans to review COVID-19 testing guidelines in line with the World Health Organization’s new findings of asymptomatic patients.

Mutahi Kagwe, cabinet secretary in the Ministry of Health, said that according to the WHO guidelines, patients are to be released from a quarantine center after nine to 10 days, as opposed to two weeks that is being practiced in the country.

“The government is reviewing COVID-19 testing guidelines to align them with new findings on asymptomatic patients,” Kagwe told journalists in Nairobi.

Kagwe noted that asymptomatic patients will be assigned public health officials or community health workers for observation on a daily basis.

The cabinet secretary was speaking in Nairobi when he announced that the country has 3,860 total COVID-19 cases from 121,956 samples that have been tested since the disease was reported in mid-March.

During the period, 1,326 patients have recovered from hospitals while 105 deaths have been registered.