DP asks police not to be biased in enforcing the law

Deputy President William Ruto has asked police not to be selective in application of law.

Dr Ruto said it was the responsibility of police to serve all Kenyans equally irrespective of ethnic, political and social status in the society.

The Deputy President said it was unfortunate that police were disrupting some meetings while allowing others to go on uninterrupted.

“It is unfortunate that police cordoned off the venues of Kakamega church functions last weekend while allowing others to go on uninterrupted, “said Dr Ruto.

He said the 2010 Constitution empowered police to be independent while discharging their duties, adding that it was wrong for the law enforcement officers to apply the law selectively.

The Deputy President made the remarks today, at his Sugoi home in Uasin Gishu County, when he hosted church leaders from 50 different denominations drawn from Luo Nyanza.

“ Let’s not turn Kenya into an Animal Farm, where all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. All Kenyans must be served equally irrespective of who is leaning to which direction politically. Law must be applied equally not selectively,” said Dr Ruto

At the same time, Dr Ruto urged Kenyans to discourage politics of tribalism, saying such ideas have no room ‘in this 21st century’.

He said it was time Kenyans embraced politics of peace, love and unity as part of the ongoing efforts to attaining a united country free from tribalism and negative ethnicity.

Dr Ruto urged leaders to take the lead in eliminating political and social barriers that divide Kenyans.

“We are determined to get rid of tribal politics that take us backwards. We must end politics of division and hatred and focus on development and unity of all Kenyans,” said Dr Ruto.

He said the government would continue to serve all Kenyans irrespective of how they voted during the last general election.

“What we are doing to all Kenyans is not a favour but a right for them. This is government of all Kenyans,” said Dr Ruto.

The Deputy President told the church leaders not to be bothered by some individuals who keep on criticizing those who visit their political leaders in any part of the country.

“You have a right to visit any leaders in any part of this country on matters of development. You have a right to consult me on any issue. No one should criticize you for visiting me on matters of spiritual or development because I am your servant” said Dr Ruto.

Dr Ruto added that he remains steadfast in the quest to empower small-scale business owners across the country.

He said time was rife for the country to change discussions from that of creating jobs for few individuals to that of empowering majority of Kenyans.

Dr Ruto wondered why some leaders were opposed to the empowerment of common wananchi.

“It’s time we change our discussion from that of position of prime minister to empowerment of boda boda owners among other groups which hustle everyday to get something to feed their families,” said Dr Ruto.

He added: “We cannot continue planning, thinking and talking about creating positions for few individuals. It’s time we focus our discussions on people who hustle everyday with no jobs so that we can empower them economically.”

Dr Ruto said Kenya is a God-fearing nation, saying no one should interfere with the freedom of worship.

He regretted that there was a trend of some individuals opposing Kenyans from attending Church services as well as giving donations in the House of Lord.

“It’s regrettable that Christians are now under siege. The church is under siege from our own government. The Jubilee Administration should be the last to suppress church activities. We must not forget where we came from,” said Dr Ruto.

Head of the delegation Most Rev Eng. Calleb Olali, Supreme Archbishop Nomiya Faith Churches urged politicians to tolerate one another.

“The Bible tells us that anyone who hates another person is a murderer. There is no peace without tolerance and there is no tolerance without accepting one another,” said Archbishop Olali.

Archbishop Olali said leaders should stop embracing divisive and politics based on hatred to achieve their selfish ends.

Present were Father John Pesa, Head of the Holy Ghost Coptic Church, Johannes Angela, ACK Bishop (Emeritus) Bondo, Rev Julius Amoke, God’s Everlasting Love Hera Church and former Amani National Congress (ANC) political strategist Eliud Owalo among others.