Government asked to ban political rallies countrywide

Source KNA

The government has been challenged to implement directives by the National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC) without discrimination.

Director of Ahadi Kenya Trust Dr. Stanley Kamau said all political rallies and early campaigns should be banned across the country.

He noted that there should be no favoritism where some individuals could be allowed to hold meetings while others are denied opportunities to do so.

He spoke on Friday at Kamacharia dispensary where his organization in partnership with Toilet Africa Initiative Foundation commissioned an ablution block for the health facility.

Kamau condemned an incident that happened in Kenol town on Sunday where skirmishes were witnessed leaving two people dead before a church event which was graced by deputy president William Ruto.

“What we witnessed at Kenol should not be repeated. Instead of using young people to cause chaos, leaders should engage them in meaningful activities which can earn them livelihoods,” noted the anti-jigger campaigner.

He termed the fracas as unfortunate saying politicians just think about themselves and forget social and economic challenges Kenyans are currently experiencing.

“Use of young people to cause chaos is a shame. Many youths in this country are jobless and they should not be misused to propagate divisive politics. Politicians should stop engaging Kenyans in early campaigns without even addressing the difficulties many citizens are going through,” he said.