Truck drivers want COVID19 re-testing period adjusted to 30 days

Long-distance truck drivers are appealing to the Ministry of Health to re-examine the negative economic impact of the current Covid-19 re-testing period of 14 days and adjust it accordingly.

The drivers who spoke to the press at the border town of Malaba said the two-week period is becoming uneconomical as most of them spend over 14 days traveling between Mombasa and their respective foreign destinations.

They said their Covid-19 certificates expire before they return to Kenya hence they are forced to spend about Ksh.7000 especially in South Sudan and Uganda to re-test.
“Two weeks is a very short period. We are appealing to the Kenyan Government to introduce a system where drivers are tested after 30 days and not 14 because some of us spend 14 days traveling to Kampala, Kigali, or Juba.

– Source KNA