Abdulkadir Haji sworn in as Garissa Senator

Abdulkadir Haji has been sworn in as the Senator for Garissa County, succeeding his late father Yusuf Haji.

Abdulkadir was endorsed by the community in Garissa and eventually declared Senator elect after it emerged that he was unopposed for the seat.

Haji took time to pay tribute to his late father who died in February, thanking Senators for the support towards the family and for the time spent with his father.

“He was the greatest Dad, he was honorable, he was kind, he was gentle, loving, He was quick to forgive. He was a dependable friend yet he was tough on us,” He said.
Haji thanked those who supported him to succeed his late father saying it should an example of what we can achieve as a Country if we put unity of purpose above divisive politics.