Pain as fuel prices hit historic high

The cost of living is set to go higher after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has increased fuel prices to record by as much as 13 shillings.

However, EPRA Director General Daniel Kiptoo says unlike has been the case over the last three months, the regulator did not tap the fuel stabilization kitty to subsidize pump prices to keep prices unchanged.

This has seen a liter of super petrol increased by seven shillings and 54 cents while diesel is costlier by seven shillings and 94 cents and kerosene which saw the biggest increase is up by 12 shillings and 97 cents.

Fuel will be cheapest in Mombasa where a liter of super petrol will cost at 132.46 shillings, diesel is at 113.36 shillings and kerosene at 108.57 shillings.

In Nairobi a liter of petrol will retail at 134.72 shillings, diesel at 115.60 shillings while kerosene will be sold at 110.82 shillings.

Fuel will be most expensive in Mandera where a liter of super petrol will retail at 147.75 shillings, diesel at 128.64 shillings and kerosene at 123.86 shillings.

The increased pump prices are likely to drive up the cost of transport and have a ripple effect on the cost of living.