Keep drier in winter months and use a well-drained soil. Strelitzia reginae does well in almost any type of soil. During the fall and winter months fertilization to once every month. Too much sunlight will injure the flowers. Leaves are bushy and wide, growing up to 2 feet long and 12in (30cm) in width. Het best doet de plant het bij temperaturen tussen 21 en 32° C. Zorg voor een fijne plek met veel licht, maar zonder directe middagzon. Ontvangen door Roland, ontzettend aardige en kundige man. In de zomer is de Strelitzia Reginae zeer geschikt om op het terras te plaatsen, waar ze … mzimvubuensis was named in 2007 by the author in The Plantsman, a magazine of the Royal Horticultural Society (see references below).. During August 2002 the author and three colleagues (Adam Harrower, David Styles and Phakamani Xaba), as part of a survey of cliff-dwelling plants, surveyed the lower Mzimvubu River in the Eastern Cape. Plants do well in full sun to semi-shade, love a rich loamy soil and plenty of water throughout the year. Bird of paradise need moderate temperatures 55 to 65F at night. Cattleya, Lycaste, Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum. Strelitzia reginae is a native to the eastern coastlines of southern Africa, where it grows wild in patches that are sometimes miles across. Strelitzia kopen. Above 70 ºF (21 ºC), care instructions do change slightly. Media in category "Strelitzia reginae" The following 199 files are in this category, out of 199 total. During the winter months, you can mist the leaves of the plants to simulate rainfall, which will also improve humidity during the months that artificial heating is used. Submit your house plant to the new forum and ask others for identification. A standard potting soil will suffice for this plant's continued health. Dracaena Fragrans, D Braunii, D Marginata and D. Reflexa. De bloemen lijken op oranje vogels. Strelitzia reginae -- Bird-of-Paradise Page 2 October 1999 Figure 2. Throughout the fall and winter, permit the soil to almost dry out before watering. - planthoogte : de hoogte vanaf de grond varieert van 150 tot 220 cm. Stueplante, Strelitzia Reginae / paradisfuglblomst, den er 2,5 år gammel, og jeg har selv spiret den fra frø, og passet den som min baby. This plant is easily recognised when in flower and is a popular clump-forming perennial that is widely grown. bird of paradise. To grow indoors, pick a well-lit, sunny spot. De Strelitzia houdt van een lichte standplaats. Strelitzia reginae Bird of Paradise Flower. kwekerij en verkooppunt van waanzinnig mooie Strelitzia planten en bloemen.De nummer 1 in aanbevolen websites met het onderwerp Strelitzia. In temperate areas it is a popular houseplant. Yet the differences between Musa and Strelitzia are at least as numerous as the similarities. The structure and pollination of the flowers are rather interesting. Strelitzia reginae tends to recover from a hail storm with the new leaves growing erect. Strelitzia reginae (Paradijsvogelbloem) De Strelitzia reginae wordt ook wel Paradijsvogelbloem of Vogelkopbloem genoemd. De Strelitzia Reginae wordt ook wel Paradijsvogelplant, Bird of Paradise of Paradijsvogelbloem genoemd. It flowers for long periods with its vivid orange, and purple/blue. This south African native has glaucous banana-like leaves and bright architectural flowers. den er blevet rigtig stor og fyldig, og jeg sælger den derfor grundet pladsmangel. Temperature is an important factor for growth and varies from species to species. When propagated by division, the process interrupts the growth cycle of the parent plant, resulting in a year without blooms. This is placed at right angles to the stem, which gives it the appearance of a bird’s head. See the guide for repotting house plants with useful tips. Flowering: Once flowering begins in early spring, each plant will produce up to six flowers in succession, with each flower being long-lived. Bird of paradise make an excellent container plant for atriums, sunrooms and greenhouses. To keep the plant neat and allow for air circulation, it is best to remove the broken and dead leaf stalks as close to the base as possible. If the roots appear to be cramped in the current container, have someone assist you in moving it to a size larger pot. Pet/baby safe. It makes a striking addition to your conservatory. Plant height (including pot) 90-100cm; 130-140cm . The leaves are evergreen, while the flowers will come and go. Winter hardy to zones 10 to 12, Strelitzia reginae is an easy plant to grow in the garden. Flowering occurs multiple times a year if the plant is well taken care of. Strelitzia reginae. For more information see: Problems Common to Many Indoor Plants. Be careful not to injure the spathe during the transplant process. Strelitzia reginae occurs naturally only in South Africa along the eastern coast from Humansdorp to northern KwaZulu-Natal in coastal bush and thicket. 19cm; 35cm If you have space to overwinter the large plants, they do well moving from indoors to outdoors for the summer and back inside in the fall. None serious, but watch for mealybug and scale. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Surprisingly, the bird of paradise is easier to grow than many tropical plants and makes for a vigorous, rapidly growing indoor plant. Den danske betegnelse er kommet af samme årsag som ved artssøsteren Strelitzia Reginae – på denne plante er blomsterne dog hvide. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The hard, beak-like sheath from which the flower emerges, is called the spathe. Poisonous: This species is mildly toxic for cats, dogs and people which would need to be consumed in fairly large amounts to affect the person or pet. In de vrije natuur wordt de plant tot wel 3 meter hoog. In cold climates, it is better to grow them in pots that can be moved indoors when freezing temperatures are expected. Strelitzia reginae is commonly known as the bird of paradise flower. Also, re-pot young plants which are growing early spring. This red flush is a random occurrence, sometimes taking place on some leaves of a plant, while other leaves of the same plant remain completely green. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. Niet alle Strelitzia's komen succesvol tot bloei. In warmer climates, they are used as street plantings and urban landscapes. Mildly toxic if ingested . Derivation of name and historical aspects Offer this plant a balanced fertilizer every two weeks throughout the spring and summer. See more ideas about Birds of paradise flower, Birds of paradise, Paradise. Strelitzia belongs to the banana family (Musaceae) and are closely linked. Een beetje zonlicht mag wel, maar let op voor felle zon die de plant kan verbranden. A small evergreen shrub with thin bladed leave that grow at the top of long, slim stems. When propagating from seed, it will take the newly formed plant up to three years to begin blooming. The tough, grey-green leaves of Strelitzia reginae grow about 1,5 m tall with the flower heads reaching above the foliage.The stiff leaves grow up from the base of the plant and form large clumps. Strelitzia reginae subsp. This plant requires little encouragement to bloom, happy with enough light and water for its needs. Never permit water to stand in the saucer underneath the plant. This plant demands bright, yet indirect, sunlight year-round. Strelitzia Reginae is best een taaie plant, die je tijdens de zomer buiten kunt zetten. In the summer months screen against the very bright direct sun. The Bird of Paradise is delightfully easy to care for and enjoys warm, balmy days year round. Apr 28, 2018 - Scientific name: Strelitzia reginae Common name: bird-of-paradise flower, crane flower. The distinctive bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae or Strelizia nicolai) is one of the best known of all the tropical flowers and is a cousin to the banana. Buy from £14.99 at the RHS Plants Shop. Strelitzia reginae, called bird of paradise, is probably one of the most well-known plants in the world. The fascinating blooms are sold as cut flowers by the million and used in floral arrangements. Nickname. Water plants freely and fertilize regularly in spring and summer. The stunning flowers of this unique plant make it popular in gardens around the globe. The plants are also wind resistant and grow well in coastal gardens. Once it begins flowering, however, this plant will provide you with years of delight. Air purifying. Wild banana; white bird of paradise. Two of the blue petals are joined together to form an arrow-like nectary. 30-mei-2020 - Bekijk het bord 'Strelitzia plants' van Robert van Oers, dat wordt gevolgd door 119 personen op Pinterest. Plant type. Nursery pot size. Strelitzia belongs to the banana family (Musaceae) and are closely linked. Strelitzia reginae xl ... Strelitzia Reginae. Yet the differences between Musa and Strelitzia are at least as numerous as the similarities. Roseopicta, C. Zebrina, C. Crocata, C. Makoyana, C Lancifolia and others. This plant prefers normal air humidity inside the home. The Strelitzia reginae or Bird of Paradise flower is originally from South Africa, but in the meantime the plant has spread to almost all tropical and subtropical regions. The Strelitzia reginae or Bird of Paradise flower is originally from South Africa, but in the meantime the plant has spread to almost all tropical and subtropical regions. Een kijkje genomen in de kas en heb mijn ogen uitgekeken! Plants do well in full sun to semi-shade, love a rich loamy soil and plenty of water throughout the year. © 2013new Date().getFullYear()>2013&&document.write("-"+new Date().getFullYear());, Once the plant has reached its full height, it produces a hard sideways sheath called a spathe. Shaded area represents potential planting range. Een Strelitzia Reginae kan gaan bloeien bij een leeftijd van 8 jaar. - pot : zwarte kweekpot van 40 cm diameter, hoogte van de pot is 34 cm. Strelitzia Nicolai, på dansk 'Hvid paradisfugl', er opkaldt efter Nikolaj 1. af Rusland (1796 – 1855), der var russisk zar og konge af Polen. The seeds are woody, brown and small, with tufts of orange on them. The strelitzia reginae (scientific name) is one of the most spectacular flowering plants that can be grown indoors, when the correct conditions are provided.
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